Please note: Ticket Sales are now closed. If you have questions regarding your prior ticket purchase, please call 618-713-8516.

Get your tickets early! There has been a great amount of interest shown in our “spot on” location for the best viewing of this rare eclipse. We’re working with the Solar Eclipse Committee and other area businesses on planning this incredible event, but suffice it to say that Bald Knob Cross will be a very popular spot for viewing this phenomenon. 

PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing tickets, you will pick:

  1. The TYPE of ticket (Serious or Casual Viewer)
  2. The SIZE of T-shirt(s) for each ticket you purchase
  3. For Casual Viewers, the TIME for your Shuttle pick-up

Serious Viewers
(Eclipse Viewers with Telescopes/Cameras)

Tickets:  $250 per person 

Additional persons in same vehicle $50; limit 5 extra persons

Package includes:

  • Eclipse tickets
  • Parking pass for one vehicle
  • 10 x 10 reserved lawn area – see image to the right
    (you will be able to pick the side of the cross you would like your space, based on availability)
  • 360 eclipse viewing
  • Eclipse glasses
  • T-shirt with Bald Knob/Eclipse logo
  • Ice water
  • Assistance with transporting equipment
  • Food available on site for purchase
  • Non-alcoholic beverages on site for purchase

Casual Viewers (Eclipse Viewers without Equipment)

Tickets: $50 per person

Package includes:

  • Eclipse tickets
  • Ticket for shuttle from Rendleman Orchards
  • 360 eclipse viewing
  • Eclipse glasses
  • T-shirt with Bald Knob/Eclipse logo
  • Ice water
  • Food available on site for purchase
  • Non-alcoholic beverages on site for purchase

Before you purchase your ticket(s), please read our FAQ’s:

Q:  Can I bring an additional person with me?
A:  For the “Casual Viewer” tickets, each ticket is sold separately. You can purchase up to five (5) “Casual Viewers” tickets per order. If you need more, please submit a separate order.  For the “Serious Viewer” tickets, you may purchase your ticket at $250, and no more than five (5) additional tickets for friends/family to ride in the same vehicle with you, for $50 each.  If you have more than 6 people, you will need to purchase an additional Serious Viewer ticket for $250, which will also give you an additional 10×10 spot on the grounds, or individual Casual Viewers tickets.

Q: When will I get my tickets, T-shirt and other items?
A: We will be mailing packages out approximately 30 days before the event.

Q:  Will our cell phones work on the day of the eclipse?
A:  We have been advised that due to the number of people expected to be in southern Illinois on this day, cell towers may be overloaded, so it’s possible that cell phone service may be limited.  We will have ham radio operators on site for emergency communication.

Q:  For the “Serious Viewer” tickets, will electricity be provided?
A:  No, if you need power, you will need to bring your own battery pack.  Please do not bring generators, due to the noise issue.

Q: Why can’t I drive my car up instead of riding the shuttle?
A:  There is limited space for parking at the cross, and visitors who purchase the “Serious Viewer” tickets at $250 each, and need to bring cameras, telescopes, etc., have a parking pass included in the cost of their ticket.

Q:  Will there be medical personnel on site?
A:  Yes, there will be emergency supplies and staff available should you need them.

Q:  If I purchase a “Serious Viewer” ticket, how will I know where my location will be?
A:  You will be assigned a number for a 10×10 area in the prime viewing area near the cross, and each section of ground will be numbered to correspond with the numbers in the ticket packages.

Q: Can I bring a lawn chair?
A: Yes,  Feel free to bring a towel, blanket or lawn chair to sit on; however, if you are riding the shuttle, you should bring a collapsible lawn chair, so it will fit in the seat with you.

Q:  Are the premises handicapped accessible?
A:  The entire terrain at Bald Knob Cross is a hillside, so complete accessibility is challenging.  However, there is handicapped parking and level paving at the Welcome Center, handicapped restrooms inside the Welcome Center, and a handicapped porta-potty outside.  We will also have volunteers available to provide assistance when needed.

Q:  Can I bring an open tent for shade?
A:  Unfortunately, no, we cannot allow tents of any size, because it will block the view of the eclipse for others.

Q: Why do I need to catch the shuttle at an exact time?
A: We have a limited amount of time to transport Eclipse Viewers to Bald Knob Cross, 30 minutes away from parking so advanced shuttle reservations ensure everyone will get there on time. If you miss your reserved shuttle time, you will be on standby until a shuttle arrives that is not already booked to capacity

Q: What happens if I cannot attend?
A: At this point, tickets are not refundable, but you can transfer them to another person.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: All sales are final and we cannot issue full or partial refunds.

Q: What if I already purchased a T-shirt and don’t need the one in the package?
A:  The T-shirt you received in your ticket package is different from the advance sales T-shirts.  The one you receive will say “I viewed the eclipse at Bald Knob Cross of Peace.”  Shirts that are sold in advance do not say this.  All tickets include a T-shirt.

Q: Can I bring a cooler with my own food and drinks.
A: Yes, but keep in mind, if you are riding a shuttle, everything you bring with you must fit into or under your seat.  So shuttle riders can bring only small items.  Food and drinks will be available for sale on the premises.  Do not bring anything in glass bottles.

Q: Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages?
A: No.  Alcohol is not permitted on the premises at any time.

Q: Can I bring my pet, like a dog?
A: No.  With many people and expensive camera equipment, we can’t risk what pets may do. In addition, dogs may react to the total black out by barking and howling.

Additional questions?  Contact or 618-713-8516.

All tickets must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable. Tickets will be mailed to the address you indicate along with your Shuttle time (for Casual viewers) and your 10×10 lawn area number (for Serious viewers). Ticket(s) must be presented for admittance. 

Ticket delivery via mail: Domestic, $7/order; International, $15/order (at this late date, tickets will be mailed, but T-shirts can be picked up at the registration table.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to all but two of the shuttle times filling up, we have added a 12 noon departure time for Casual Viewer tickets. This shuttle should arrive at Bald Knob Cross at approximately 12:30 pm assuming everything is on time. However, this is very close to when the eclipse begins.  Please select accordingly. If you want control of your arrival time, select the Serious Viewer ticket choice as you can arrive at any time you would like.