Become a Member of the Bald Knob Cross of Peace today!

Together, we have experienced many milestones in 2021:

  • The 85th Annual Easter Sunrise Service
  • Record fundraising at Blessing of the Bikes and Blessing of the Jeeps
  • First ever major concert on-site with Sidewalk Prophets
  • Upgraded Lighting Project and Renovation
  • An ongoing project to bring a water well to Bald Knob Mountain to enable expansion plans

Thank you for being a part of 2021. Will you join us in 2022?

You can do so by clicking here. The cost is only $50 for an individual or $75 for a family. The first 500 people to renew (or start) their membership receive a FREE 20oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with the Bald Knob Cross logo.

Your membership dues are critical at this time as we begin our slow winter season at the Cross.

The Membership Benefits include:

  • Bald Knob Cross of Peace Membership Card
  • Free Membership Gift
  • 10% Merchandise Discount in Welcome Center
  • Invitation to Annual Membership Reception & Meeting
  • Opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to elect the Board of Directors
  • Support Improvement of the Bald Knob Cross of Peace and facilities

Upon receipt of the signed, completed membership form and your membership fee, you will receive a document indicating your membership.


Membership Dues

To become / remain a member shall be $50 annually per person or $75 per married couple (which may be paid in installments). An investment of at least 10 hours of volunteer service may be made in lieu of dues.

This volunteer service must be approved in advance by the membership committee or a representative whom they designate and must be documented by the same in writing and submitted with the minutes of the next membership committee meeting.

If a board vacancy exists:

  1. The membership of the organization shall be notified of upcoming Board vacancies no later than November 1st of each and every year.
  2. Any eligible member of the organization who wishes to be considered for a Board position shall indicate his or her desire in writing to the Board, by sending a letter to the Corporate Office no later than December 1st.
  3. All members wishing to be nominated who are eligible pursuant to the requirements of the bylaws shall have their names entered on a personalized member ballot which will be distributed by mail to all members by January 1st with a return requirement of February 1st.

Annual Meeting

The Board will conduct an Annual Meeting the second Tuesday of February each calendar year. The Annual Meeting shall be open to all members.

As always, please visit this website: for the latest information.

Cash contributions and the fair market value of contributions-in-kind to the Bald Knob Cross of Peace are tax deductible, pursuant to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provisions.