Light a Candle

Light a Candle to express gratefulness, to dedicate prayers, to offer blessings, and to honor loved ones that have passed., or View lit Candles.

Prayer Requests / Exchange

On-site at Bald Knob Cross, there is a prayer exchange board. You can write a prayer request on a card and hang it on the board. In return,  you take someone else’s request that is on the board and pray over it. So it becomes a prayer request exchange.

Here, you may submit your prayer requests through the form below, and the Prayer Team will receive them and pray over them.

We look forward to hearing from you.  May God’s richest blessings be yours.

Coming Soon

Meditation/Prayer Walk – For centuries, pilgrims have traveled to the Holy Land to retrace Christ’s steps during the events leading up to His death. In the same way, we can participate in our own personal journey to pause to reflect and pray periodically in our daily lives.The Meditation/Prayer walk will enable persons to participate in this devotional experience at one of the highest points in southern Illinois, overlooking the Shawnee National Forest, in the midst of natural creation. Participants will pick up a Meditation/Prayer Walk self-guide and follow the suggested steps and stops, which will each include a short reading and prayer focus. This experience can be as long or as short as the participant desires.


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